Life Settlement Intelligence.

PRICE-FIRST® was first developed as an internal life settlement pricing model for one of the nation's leading brokerages. The proprietary technology analyzes the economics behind secondary market valuations in an easy to understand format.

The pricing analysis, referred to as The Life Settlement Illustration, provides an actuarial analysis of a policy's present day value based on multiple IRR projections and hypothetical mortality assumptions. The report also generates policy specific market demand factors that may contribute to its valuation.

PRICE-FIRST® is designed to:

  • Eliminate the burden caused by unqualified cases that inundate systems;
  • Reduce costs by processing only viable life settlement transactions;
  • Obtain realistic pricing ranges with or without life expectancy data;
  • Confirm fair market valuations and market bidding trends;
  • Help to educate consumers, advisors and investors;
  • Provide valuable market intelligence.


Pricing Analysis

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